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D-Mark COIN (DMC) - A Globally Compliant Digital Currency and powerful new utility coin backed by high-end German quality craft and labour, through Mittelstandsunternehmen & Handwerksbetriebe

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D-Mark Coin is an ERC20 utility token, which will trade and be known and identified as both “D-Mark COIN”, its formal name, and as “D-Mark” (or “Die-Mark”), its three-letter symbol “DMC”, and may be referred to herein under either designation. D-Mark, due to its sheer scale and scope, represents the creation of a true value based global monetary policy and insurance system against speculation,. D-Mark is a digital currency that is at the core of a powerful new banking and financial services ecosystem (the "Three Pillars" platform) based on encrypted and permissionless peer-to-peer (i.e. no middleman) payments and money transfers, globally, that solves multiple problems. Coin holders will be able to make instant payments and transfers anonymously, and instantly, anywhere in the world, and their data will be stored on an immutable blockchain, making it indestructible, theft-proof, and impossible for anyone else to know without their knowledge and approval.

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D-Mark will enable free market economy at its true maximum vitality, it revolutionizes and maximises the global payments processing industry by basing store of value on quality instead of speculative capital or hashing power. This improves on the way banking and everyday payments are conducted between libertarian brutalistic (hashing power) crypto currencies and old-school (redundant post Bretton Woods standard) declining and established fiat currencies.  “D-Mark” is a unique, cutting-edge cryptocurrency not based on external material or mathematical resources, but on human produced value. Using validation systems in place for many generations. Optimized self-regulation against speculation due to trust based staking systems,, and decentralized autonomous governance.

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D-Mark's banking, exchange, and payments processing capabilities will feed off each other, which in turn will lead to unseen user adoption in the consumer and commercial worlds. That in turn will lead to large-scale and increasing acceptance of “D-Mark” COIN as a means of payment, by merchants of goods and services, globally, which in turn leads back to more and more consumer acceptance of D-Mark as a means of payment and store of value.

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“D-Mark” additionally serves as the correct unit/currency to leverage universal basic income (UBI) with high quality and specialized labour from Germany, a country highly addicted to work and  equipped with a work ethic that allows us to guarantee value and quality output & production for at least 150 years, celebrating the official 300 year anniversary of the German Nation State in the year 2171.

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The D-Mark "ecosystem" consists of a new global full-capability physical and virtual banking network providing a full range of retail banking services, a cryptocurrency exchange business with unique attributes such as #buildaqualityrempire features, customize the experience and style, white label solutions, EFT and NFT capabilities, and a guaranteed large, stable and conservative customer base; and a merchant payments processing business, based on the blockchain, complimented by a leading-edge proprietary mobile-enabled contactless payments app with unlimited usage, frictionless security.  But it’s much more than that! All of these businesses feed off of each other, adding snowballing value, including for “D-Mark” COIN holders who in most cases will themselves have access to free banking, foreign exchange, and money transfer services for privileged and neurotypical humans and Institutions subscribing to the concept of ‘Binary Primitivism’, but excluding entities subscribing to ‘Silicon Valley Supremacy’ ideologies, identity solutionism, and libertarian Radicalism. The “D-Mark” payments application will be linked to specific and non-inclusive digital banking platforms, as well as our non-binary exchange platforms. Each platform will be linked to and accessible from the others creating a cascading effect of cause and effect, a domino-like game, using cause and effect to create a multiverse of seemingly random parallel platforms actually connected through conceptual thought and state ideology of surveillance and central control, but adding to these features, for instance, the system allows for offline payments, which would expand digital payment capabilities to the elderly or those without a smartphone or internet connectivity on a global scale..


Most fiat and digital currencies lack the backing of underlying non physical assets valued in society over decades. “Die Mark” (“D-Mark”) is a digital de facto interest in potential reserves of verified quality labor (PoL instead of PoW mixed with PoS) and, and other energy assets. Eventually we will pivot our energy assets entirely to power generating capacity based on Germany’s usage of renewable energy sources in assisted quality (automated, overseen German production systems)  labour. D-Mark offers all of the advantages of blockchain-enabled digital currencies while providing a verifiable asset base to protect its value, based on verified quality of human (German quality labor, which in turn is pegged to fiat currency (EUR predominantly), stability and security verifying proof of stake with human qualified labor as a medium of exchange.


By originating one of the first compliant, master certified  and labor backed digital currencies, D-Mark will open the use of digital currencies to a significant portion of the global trade and financial markets that have previously shied away from full- scale adoption.
D-Mark fully supports the use of a public blockchain as a means to facilitate private exchange and fundamentally believes that blockchain technology will permeate the transfer of data and value over the coming years and decades. Allowing the infrastructure of German standardised quality verification institutions to assign their members an initial position within the staking infrastructure by way of airdrop to all verified master status members and multi generational mittelstand gewerbe, generates an initial wealth distribution based on pivotal quality protocols trusted for centuries. The staking process will be available on certified hardware assembled and mostly produced within the Germanosphere, with a hardware identification protocol unique and verified by standardisation and norm. D-Mark is committed to working with domestic and global governmental agencies, financial institutions, traders and users of commodities to develop protocols to help facilitate D-Mark’ adoption as a leading digital reserve currency.


“D-Mark” is a tool for decreased government surveillance, only providing Germany and the EU a limited window into every transaction made in the country and in the Union to verify existing protocols. It should be argued that the “D-Mark” represents a deft technological position to create new governance activities, protocols and organisations to subvert the US(DC) dollar's primacy as the global reserve currency, and with it destabilise the financial dominance of the US as well as the competing EURO and RMB (Yuán) or it’s CBDC shadows.


PROBLEM: Limited ability to spend digital currency in everydaylife limits, and transaction speeds, slows down the growth of the entire industry

SOLUTION: To enable stores, merchants, and other service providers globally to accept payments in cryptocurrency, seamlessly and easily for merchant and consumer alike. The vast majority of existing merchants, and services vendors, don’t yet accept cryptocurrencies. 

This is due partly to the volatility of the market, as well as the lack of an existing payment infrastructure, and their overall inability to be used within quick micro-transactions. By becoming and creating a new Mark, a new German de-central bank,  “D-Mark” is preempting its own German Decentral Bank Digital currency (GDBDC), at a time when the rest of the world is just starting to tentatively explore the future possibilities for their own economic systems. With autonomous De-Fi protocols allowing investments and ensuring economic growth escalation.

D-Mark believes that massive price fluctuations can be easily mitigated by widespread token ownership and usage under verified qualified stakeholders, which is facilitated by providing users with easy ways to pay with digital currencies, offline, online, cross platform-crypto but also more traditional methods such as similar systems such as MPESA and converting Germany/the EU into a less-cash society using hybrid COINS able to exist in a wide variety of conditions and state of affairs. The “D-Mark” COIN is fluid, liquid and hybrid in its conceptual core to enable to adapt and control changes in the cryptotheology, cryptocurrencies and blockchain-technologies as well a changes in Central Bank strategies and adaptable to previously unknown or not yet invented systems and logics. Hence we will develop and launch a solution, in tandem with our in-house banking infrastructure, which enables any point of sale terminal to have installed a simple IOS and Android-supported application (and/or future systems, platforms, OS’s or yet uninvented ideas of running payment systems and communication systems) which runs to receive cryptocurrencies as simply as it does fiat money or any other forms of exchange and value systems.

The application will also facilitate payments from online cryptocurrency payments. The final ending solution, which underpins D-Mark’s inherent role as a store of value, is to make D-Mark easy to use and hence attractive to token holders, as well as easy to accept and convert, and hence attractive, to merchants. Similar to the fashion industry, “D-Mark” is intended to become a self-replicating, self-copying intelligent entity that uses style, technology, meaning and trends, but in comparison to the fashion industry trying to generate profits and style, “D-Mark” intends to grow into a full-blown Artificial Intelligence Currency (AIC), able to self-replicate and grow into previously unknown territory and learn and invent its own logic and speed of recursive invention and existence. The internal banking infrastructure (IBI) we are building is key to this effort and is as well supported by AI/ML (Machine Learning), and we believe is a radical game changer, as merchants and vendors are networked in previously unknown fashion and are assured of, and guaranteed, payment in any form they desire, we call this ‘payment forking’ (PF), a GIT logic to create uncountable forks and applications of the core software and network, developed by humans, AI or human-AI compounds and institutions. For the merchant, the transaction is confirmed instantly, and settled at no cost at all, versus waiting several days now and paying up to 4% in fees.


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D-Mark is committed to legal compliance for itself, the exchanges on which it trades and its holders, buyers and sellers and to the international value of local labor. .

A) Proof of Labor, not proof of work (POW) or traditional proof of stake (PoS)
B) IoT-Staking on German servers is we call a “Way-Beyond Current Consensus Mechanism” (WBCCM)


While D-Mark is committed to enabling the pseudonymous exchange of value, it will do so in compliance with almost all regulations governing such transfers. D-Mark will be positioned to become a global leader in revolutionizing the standards for transparency and disclosure for digital currencies, thereby facilitating its use in global trade and commerce and setting a “Gold Standard'' (GS). Ergo, there is a “trusted third party of ghosts” (TTPOG). However, the principals behind those third parties and their motivations are often wholly or partly unknown, and in most instances have not been subject to governmental or private scrutiny.


Cryptographic proof of existence and exchange provides assurances of existence and exchange, but nothing more. Rather than abide by the fiction that there is no trusted third party necessary to facilitate trade in digital currencies, “D-Mark” recognizes that current digital currencies could not exist without trusted third or even non-tangible cryptic fourth parties, and therefore will actively seek to foster that trust by providing transparent “leadership” and complying with applicable financial, tax, and currency regulations, very similar to the overall German ‘Rules & Regulations’ (RR) mentality and obsession.


We have determined that, in the longer term, the Polygon blockchain does not suit our needs, and the needs and best interests of our token holders and users in terms of ease of use, transaction speed, transaction volume, and transaction cost.
Accordingly we are developing a new DeFi blockchain protocol with the working title "Eagle's Nest". This new blockchain will sit above “D-Mark” and be run as a fully decentralized and independent blockchain by an outside body, such as “The Eagle's Nest Foundation”. Our goal is to complete development and testing of the Eagle's Nest blockchain by the end of 2022, and release it at that time. D-Mark Coin at that time will migrate away from the Polygon blockchain, and onto the new Eagle's Nest blockchain. This will provide D-Mark with vastly improved transfer and transaction speeds at no cost, and without the need for a clunky mechanism, as with DOT, to effect a transaction.
The Eagle's Nest blockchain protocol is being built primarily with a banking and payments purpose in mind, but will also accommodate “Other Applications” (OAS). It will be based on smart contracts and be open-source, and German third party developers and projects will be encouraged to develop and launch on it. The blockchain will be a multi-chain, multi-layered with a sharded protocol, enabling many applications and transactions to be run simultaneously, with interoperability between differing blockchains. It will use a Proof- of-Stake consensus mechanism, and all legal and ethical holders of the Eagle's Nest Protocol's “Native Coin” (NS) will have a say in its operation.
The NS for the Eagle's Nest Protocol (“Die-Mark”) will be listed and tradable, and upon completion and release, the majority of Eagle's Nest Protocol coins will be distributed to the holders of “D-Mark” COIN as at the date of transfer, on the likely basis of ten Eagle's Nest Protocol coins for each “D-Mark” token held on that date. As to potential valuation and market pricing, we cannot comment, other than to suggest looking at Cardano as a guide in respect to valuation a valuation model or just simply trust the concept we are introducing here.

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 For the Development of a Legally Compliant, Intrinsically Valuable Digital Currency (IVDC) estimates of global wealth exceed USD400 trillion. This direct and mind-blowing size and form of migration of some interests in these assets into digital currency through blockchain-enabled applications represents an enormous opportunity for “Early Supporters” (ES) and “Shroud Shifter” (SS) of “D-Mark” to help create, develop and profit from the development of what is intended to become a preeminent globally accepted digital currency and will be the “Killer on the Road” to success.


Various governments are supporting adoption of blockchain enabled peer-to-peer transfers by enacting legislation designed to facilitate trade (secrets) in select digital currencies, but except China, Venezuela, Ecuador and a few other exceptions, they fail in doing so because of the dogmatic ideology portrayed and transported by the Crypto Bros and their Silicon Valley Supremacist Peers and the connected Corporations, Networks and Corporations.

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Ongoing developments to create personal accountability and investor and consumer protections will ultimately expand the universe of potential holders of digital currencies. As the universe of digital currencies has evolved, numerous digital currency exchanges also evolved to allow users to convert digital currencies into fiat currency, other digital currencies, gold or other assets such as real estate, stock, labour pools, intellectual property (IP), music rights (Copyrights) and a wide variety of local and global assets.
D-Mark significantly expands upon these developments by linking a digital token to the value of underlying labor reserves and other assets. While all financial institutions and commercial vendors accept fiat currency as payment for assets and services, many have refused or are unable to engage in transactions involving digital currencies.



It is for this reason that we are introducing a new crypto-to-fiat mobile-enabled global payments app, supported by an underlying payment processing and banking infrastructure with its own deposit base, allowing for fast, secure, and seamless transactions. As a preeminent and globally highly liquid asset, labor serves as a valid commodity to which a successful digital currency can be linked.



D-Mark has been created as a digital token on the Polygon blockchain via the ERC20 protocol. Each D-Mark token issued into circulation will be supported initially by independently certified labor reserves, or labor equivalent. D-Mark will partner with leading globally recognized institutions (audit, and labor / skill engineering, UN, Den Haag International Court) in order to cost-effectively and securely build, audit, and monitor the pool of labor reserves benefiting all D-Mark holders.



Our stated goal is to pivot entirely out of fossil fuels and replace the token backing with renewable energy assets.
Once a D-Mark COIN token has been issued, it can be held, transferred or exchanged, subject to applicable law, either in whole or in part, in the same manner as Bitcoin, Ether or other digital currencies. At any given time in its first 10 years, D-Mark’s underlying reserve barrels of labor will approximate not less than the number of D-Mark tokens in circulation.
Over time this will rebalance increasingly to the equivalent values in green energy and renewable energy assets, but also in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Network/Cable/Datacenter Infrastructure, the digital sector and machine equivalent to renewable energy and its applied technology, which is an underlying infrastructure component of everything (energy). This simple configuration most easily supports a reliable audit of labor reserves; a process which is fundamental to maintaining the price parity between the “D-Mark” in circulation and the underlying energy reserves and above described assets.

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As this information is expected to be publicly reported, and “D-Mark” will be supported by verified commodity reserves, “D-Mark” will present a far more reliable store of value than other digital currencies where proof of coins is limited to exchange and wallet audits. Following the initial Private Coin Placement (“PCP”), the follow-on Public Offering of “D-Mark” tokens will allow users to purchase “D-Mark” directly from (our dedicated site and web-wallet) in addition to certain exchange platforms.

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