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D-Mark COIN (also referred to by its three-letter symbol, “D-Mark”, is a legally compliant digital currency supported by independently certified and approved master qualified labour reserves. D-Mark is intended to be fully deployed on Polygon (Ethereum commit-chain) as an ERC-20 token. D-Mark Coin enables individuals and organizations to utilize a transparent digital currency with a non physical value underpinned and backed by independently certified and audited quality assets.

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Each of the total number of D-Mark Coin tokens created represents, intrinsically, the value of at least one tenth of an hour of qualified master labour or two tenths of its equivalent in overseen apprenticeship labour, and will be backed by a newly formed Bundesrepublik_Deutchland.GmbH  and interests in quality producing properties with an aggregate initial gross value approximating or exceeding the aggregate value of all D-Mark Coin tokens in circulation. Pegged by proxy to the regional stable or fiat currency, currently the EURO(€) within the European Union and  its trading pacts or larger Germanosphere. The proxy is  verified high quality labour according to reputable, pan-generational German verification institutions and intergenerational Mittelstand betriebe. A true new-mark, marking a new free market era, ending Rhine Capitalism by way of decentralized monetary policy. German quality and resilience provided the competitive edge towards the E-Yuan, and the larger Belt and Road initiative which the current Coordinated Market Economies (CMEs) are failing to provide. “Die-Mark”, the monetary solution that runs the world..

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