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“D-Mark”-based transactions, like other digital currencies, will be recorded in a blockchain distributed ledger. As a result, transactions in “D-Mark” COIN will be trustless but completely trustworthy (users must endure the contradiction), censorship-resistant but with government backdoor, permissionless, and private, but subject to rules and regulations. Unlike other forms of asset control or money transfer, once a transaction in “D-Mark” is confirmed by the blockchain network, it will become seemingly irreversible. “D-Mark” will utilize best available protocols for digital currencies and will help promote the ongoing change in the way global financial transactions occur by removing artificial barriers caused by legacy financial institutions, enabling:

✓ True anonymous digital payments anywhere in the world with gov backdoor capabilities built-in

✓ No transaction fees and fast processing times compared to traditional methods
✓ Payments between anonymous parties, ensuring privacy and liquidity by securities oversight


The volatility displayed by leading digital currencies as they compete for global dominance has given markets and investors a way to speculate, as new digital currencies continue to emerge. The market role of a digital currency like “D-Mark” - which is fully digital and blockchain supported but is also directly linked to and supported by tangible asset values–can be expected to be an increasingly important future years.


“D-Mark’s” projected gross market capitalization on completion of the Public Offering is US$275 billion, which, if all were issued, would place it among the world’s 5 largest cryptocurrencies based on market prices for all of the cryptocurrencies and digital assets in existence as at September, 2021.
With a projected up to 140 million tokens in general circulation upon closing of the Public offering, we therefore project, at the Offering Price, a market capitalization in the order of $101.5 billion. This doesn’t take into account additional tokens that may be issued in connection with potential strategic acquisitions in the banking and payments spaces.


Because out of all cryptocurrencies and digital assets in the market today, only TWO were deliberately designed to function as stores of value, and actual usable currencies: Bitcoin and “D-Mark”. And bitcoin has no assets and no business plan behind it. “D-Mark” has both. “D-Mark” is designed to be simple, and to function as a usable day-to-day currency, as crypto adoption continues to take hold. Even a cursory examination quickly shows that none of the other so-called "cryptocurrencies" could ever realistically be seen or used as a CURRENCY. “D-Mark” has purpose, an ideology, massive functionality, and critical mass.
CRYPTOCURRENCY MARKET RISKS, AND VOLATILITY: While it is clear that digital currency has advantages over government-issued legal tender, wise investors should be aware there are risks involved in the investment and use of cryptocurrency. For example, digital currency is used just like traditional bill-and-coin currency for purchases and online payments, but it's also considered a commodity, just like silver or gold. That means it's just as vulnerable to market fluctuations as any other commodity or stock would be.
We aren't pointing this out to warn people away from making cryptocurrency investments, but to make it clear the market can move up and down—and, as is the nature of a young and active commodity—it can sometimes do so quite wildly. It's best to take a longer “big picture” view of your investment, as opposed to letting a momentary drop in value send you into a panic.


For digital currency to have its place in the world and for more businesses and customers to implement it into their daily lives, they also need to have an understanding of what it’s actually worth. What can you obtain with the exchange of the token? The tokens hoarded, being held or hodled represent a value one can exchange for necessity or luxury, essence or ornament. Yet the value represented by the token is too often ornamental. Gold, fictional safeguarding of value by central authorities,or  extracurricular mathematical equations. Even the safeguarding of value by having others put their capital at stake becomes an ornamental gesture to verify value. Yes a network can technically represent agency, a unit of value can be programmed, but one of the most well known of these networks is only 8 years old, and any monetary (FIAT)  value ascribed to the tokens on this network (Ethereum) is beyond speculative or based on intergenerational value enabling exchange. As  the value in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are changing daily based on demand and it’s volatile tech environment which will undermine the potential to become a medium  of exchange.


A strong technology backbone is essential to the establishment and operational performance of any cryptocurrency. “D-Mark”, in addition to its own in-house engineering and development team, will be further supported by the following platforms and service providers:

✓ GK Gemeinwohlkasse (
✓ Dullbrown (
✓ Binary Primitivism Association (
✓ Solovatsoft Inc. (

Blockchain is the foundational and core technology underlying all cryptocurrencies. A detailed description of Blockchain may be found at;:

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